INKJET printer recomendation

Jul 27, 2020

I am looking to purchase an Inkjet printer so I can print on to A4 Vinyl sheets. I am after some suggestions on which brand and model to look at that has really good print quality and affordable ink cartridge refill. Not concerned on price, however aiming for something under $400.

Thank you in advance :)
Jul 11, 2020
My go-to printer for versatility is the Epson WF-7720. It's a bit of an older printer, but actually nowadays this is a benefit as printer companies are becoming more draconian in locking out cartridge refills.

What I love about this printer:
  • It uses the Epson 252 cartridge, which you can find refillable versions of everywhere
  • Chipless firmware is available
  • Two paper trays plus a rear single sheet feeder.
  • Wide-format, up to 13x19
  • One of the better four-colour printers for photos
  • You need to get familiar with the print settings to get really good output. The driver natively sloshes too much blue on for photos, and the ordered grayscale halftoning is poor. Both can be fixed, but it does take some adjustments. Happly, these can be saved as a set of custom print defaults.
  • It's not top of the line for speed
This printer is a perfect home print hobbyist machine. I use a (well loved) Brother MFC-J6945DW for most of my business work, but when it comes to posters, iron-ons, photos, anything large format, what's then the WF-7720 is my printer of choice.

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