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Oct 20, 2020
I have worked in the IT industry for over 17 years (and even longer as the "family computer guy") and have come across a multitude of printers: Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Brother, Konica, HP, Ricoh, and all have their Pros and Cons. As a former, professional photographer, I also trusted Canon and Epson for accurate photo reproduction.

Canon announced 4 new PIXMA printers in the summer of 2019, including the PIXMA TS6320, just in time for the back-to-school season. So, how does the TS6320 photo printer, which is geared towards students, fare? Pretty well!

- Update to its TS6220 predecessor with an easier setup process and updated user interface
- 5 individual ink cartridges (Magenta, Black BK, Yellow, Black Pigment PGBK, Cyan), making more efficient use of colors, saving ink cost, and better output
- Exceptional print quality, especially photos due to its 5-ink cartridge system
- Text output is very sharp to about 6 pt font size
- Can Print, Copy, and Scan (All-in-One)
- Easy configuration
- Fairly compact size at 14.9" x 14.2" x 5.6"
- Print tray automatically opens and closes when printer is powered on/off, further keeping the footprint small
- Auto paper width detection
- Excellent, mobile device support, allowing you to print directly from your Apple iOS or Android phone/tablet
- Push the QR code button on the printer, and it will link you directly to the mobile app for download
- Multiple ways to print: Wi-Fi (including Imprint, Google Cloud Print), Bluetooth, Ethernet wired network, and/or wired USB (cable not included)
- Apple: Mac OS compatible
- Sharp, easy to read 1.44" OLED display that provides printer and print job status
- Auto Duplexing so you can print on BOTH sides, saving on paper and storage space
- Dual paper feed trays so regular and photo papers can be loaded and ready at the same time
- Very cool, LED status bar at the front to visually show a print job is actively being processed
- Sample photo paper included
- Sample ink cartridges are included, which is industry practice. Keep in mind that they will run out sooner than normal

- Built for quality, not for print volume
- Although photo print quality is excellent, clipart graphics have barely-noticeable banding in dark areas
- No automatic document feeder, making the printer more suitable for low-volume print and copy use
- No support for USB thumbdrives or SD cards
- High print cost
- As with most printers, the cost of ink is high (about $65 for the complete set at the time of this writing)
- Small-capacity paper tray that holds about 30 pages

- The "Canon PRINT for Inkjet/SELPHY" mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The media leaflet and QR code on the ink cartridge also take you directly there
- If an app on your phone or tablet supports it, you can select the Canon printer to print directly to
- If you do not print for a while, your ink nozzle may dry up a bit. Once in a while, you may have to run a self-cleaning cycle to keep the ink flowing optimally

Overall, like many inexpensive, family-oriented, consumer printers, the high cost of the ink cartridges makes the per-page print cost high. However, the PIXMA TS series is known for its excellent photo reproduction where images and colors pop. This printer produces great output for low-volume homes and small offices, and is quite suitable for students needing to print reports and presentations.

If you have found this review helpful, please click the check bestviewreview site.I’ve had it for a month now , no complaints does what it claims , and at least I don’t have to pay monthly subscription like the other printers.

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