Cab label printers

Dec 19, 2019
Does anyone have experience with these?

We have several Cab Mach 4 thermal label printers and I have the manuals for them, but there are two questions I can't answer.

One is, on my upper winder that winds up the used thermal transfer paper rolls in the opposite direction from what it shows in the manual. When looking at the front of the machine, the manual shows that the waste should go up the front of the roll and down the back, but the way my printer's gear spins, it pulls from the bottom up the back onto the roll and I can't find any settings to control that.

My second issue, and this may be related, is that the winder itself I think is getting worn out, we're using the same sized rolls we always have but recently I've had to tape the roll to the winder when we replace it because the friction of the winder is no longer strong enough to prevent the roll from just spinning on the winder. This second issue may be related to the first as I can tell when I manually spin it that it takes more effort the way it is setup than the way it shows in the manual.

I may also be in the market for between 4 and 8 new/gently used winder rolls if anyone knows where to get spare parts for these things.


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