Sharp AR-DC1 Need Relay Harness diagram or cable itself

Dec 13, 2016
I have a Sharp AR-M280 with a paper drawer AR-MU1 and the accompanying AR-DC1 required power supply. I am missing the black relay harness (cable) which connects from the AR-DC1 back to the main printer. Could someone send me the schematic for just this relay harness (cable) or better, tell me how I can buy one? This is not the reddish cable with a lot of wires which goes back to the main logic board in the printer. The black relay harness has only 2 to 4 wires that goes to a small white connector.

I believe all the power supplies in the printer and its accessories are sequenced using relays to turn them on in order to keep the inrush current lower on all the switching power supplies. That is the purpose of the relay harness.

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