pizza wheels/little holes from rollers epson printers

Apr 28, 2020
I had an Epson Artisan for years, Thought I'd update. Luckily, its Covid-19 and everyone is out of printers! I'm on my 3rd brand new Epson(maybe another forum on what happened to their quality) and about 100 miles of driving to buy them! I got the Epson 2850, leaves pizza wheels(holes in the print from the rollers) thats if you can get it to print, feeds uneven, folds your paper in the corners, streaks of ink. Went through about 30 runs to no avail then it ran out of ink with 0 correct prints! so returned it, get the ONLY PRINTER ON THE SHELF THE Epson very slow printing ECOTANK- PIZZA WHEELS AGAIN! What is happening? anyone know? ugh.
its every singe roller across the print. Its not ink stuck on it because its new...

You can see part of the holes in mirror pond below.


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