Endless frustration with HP C7280 All-In-One

Jan 19, 2010
I hope there is help here in this forum. I have a HP C7280. It has a lot of bells and whistles and I like the functionality when all is well and I use it wirelessly. It has a large registry profile and installs many HP programs in the installation. You can never tell when but the installation of any program after it's installation might put a bug up it's butt and stop it from working. Uninstall and reinstall you say? I wish it was that simple. Using Revo to uninstall it and going through the registry (time consuming) and taking everything out that has HP and Hewlett Packard will still not allow a new install. Either something like "it's already installed" or some other message comes up. FRUSTRATION! I am not saavy about partitioning hard drives but if I did and installed it on a partition by itself -OR- installing it on an external usb hard drive make it easier to uninstall in the future? When it "WILL" need it again, I know. I have no recourse now but to do a full recover and wipe the internal HD clean. Or, if I do a recover is there anyway to save the original RESTORE POINT somewhere so I wouldn't have to do a full recover. Any suggestions please? Boy, could I have used a lot of emoicons throughout this message. thanks, jack

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