Epson 202 compatibles - lock out through terms?

Aug 2, 2019
I've just ordered an Epson XP-7100, which uses Epson 202 cartridges. I'll start using compatible cartridges once the bundled ones start to run out.

I read a buyer's review (Amazon or Best Buy) that suggested that I need to be careful when accepting the Epson terms during setup. The review seemed to imply that it is possible to accidentally agree to not use non-genuine cartridges whilst accepting the terms and then be locked out from using compatibles.

Does anyone know anything about this?
Aug 6, 2019
Yes, everybody should take note of this. It applies to both Epson and Canon printers, maybe others.
The warranty stipulates the use of genuine cartridges. Yes, compatibles work OK BUT: All genuine cartridges are electronically coded which is detected and read by your printer. If it matches, all will be good. Compatible cartridges are not coded and if your printer can't read a 'Genuine Code' it may result in a non function mode.
With Canon printers they may perform OK for a reasonable period of time with compatibles, but eventually the print head craps out. Epson printers are similar, I have had first hand experience with both.
One tip is to NOT update your printers firmware. Updating the firmware updates the cartridge coding which may detect non genuine cartridges.
I paid $125 NZ for my XP-900 and are forced to buy genuine cartridges at $104 per set. I could use compatibles at less than $50 a set but I choose not because of my past experiences.
By the way, the Epson XP-900 I have, is almost perfect.

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