Epson 247 seems dead. Both WiFi lights on and paper and ink lights are lit too.

Apr 20, 2020
Hi all,
We have an Home Expressions Epson-247 scanner/printer which we have owed for about 4 years.

We have tried switching on and off and unplugging the printer etc a number of times but we are having the same problem.
It's has been fine upto yesterday when I switched it on and it came straight on but with both WiFi lights on (green and orange??) as well as the paper and ink lights. I have plugged it into my laptop via USB with the same results. When I press the button to move the print heads the WiFi lights both stay on but the ink and paper flash alternately really fast.

I still can't print a test page, move the printer heads or do else anything with it. Has anyone got an ideas how I can hard reset it or get it working again please? BTW I have been using compatible ink cartridges but I am on my 4th set of the same make of cartridges.

Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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