Epson 2750WF email print problems

Dec 2, 2016
I have a Epson 2750WF printer which is set up with Epson Connect.

I log onto my Laptop (laptop Windows 10) the connect to my work PC via Remote Desktop Connection and when i go into Work or Excel for instance on my work PC i can then print to the Epson printer via Epson Connect and the documents print correctly. However when i go into Outlook and try to print an email this takes a long time up to 10mins sometimes just print a very short e-mail with only a couple of lines of text or it will only print half the email before stopping.

Work PC has Windows 7 and Outlook 2013.

There is no problem with the internet or router at home that i am using and as i said other documents print but it seems that when the emails are encrypted there is then an issue printing them. Only had this problem last couple of weeks been fine before then.

Has anybody else had this problem or know a solution?

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