EPSON 390 Photo Stylus printer

Nov 19, 2023
I might have caused this problem myself. I have been having issues with printing reds and yellows - they have both been printing darker than expected - and while manual cleaning does fix the problem with nice, bright reds and yellows, it is always only temporary. A few months ago I decided to buy a head cleaning kit with special solution and a syringe. I had used the same brand and method a couple of years ago on an Epson R290 printer with considerable success so I am familiar with the procedure. An initial clean of the yellow nozzles on this R390, a couple of months ago, was partially successful but I wasn't completely happy with the result so decided to try it again today. The results were not good. What should have been red seemed to be magenta, which was interesting because that ink was very low - and I probably should have replaced the cartridge earlier! When I decided to try a manual clean, I was informed that wasn't possible (presumably because of the low magenta ink) so I changed the cartridge for a brand new one (I only use genuine Epson cartridges, despite the cost!!). That was when trouble really began. I could hear the printer doing umpteen cleaning cycles before a message on the little screen appeared: "Printer error. Please see your documentation" Turning the printer off then on again have made no difference; there was no paper jam and the head assembly was able to move freely along its track to both left and right. (I should also mention that when I did the syringe nozzle clean, I folded a paper towel and placed it so the head could move over it and I noticed it was really yellow at the end of the clean. However, the subsequent printouts were not wet in any way). I've checked the Windows 10 Printer Troubleshooter and there was agreement that an error existed and it also seemed that various checks were carried out but none found to be the cause of the problem. Internet checks did not uncover any possibilities. About two years ago, perhaps longer, I had a new head assembly fitted as well as new rollers as I've always liked this printer. Any suggestions as to what might have happened would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.

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