Epson 4880 - How to Fix One Channel Totally Gone - Vivid Magenta?

Dec 9, 2016
Good morning everyone from a sunny South Wales.

I have a rather ageing Epson 4880 printer that has been modified to a NeoFlex Direct to Garment printer. I've owned tis for 10 years and it's given me good service and I've been able to 'fix' most of the issues.

So, one day all 8 channels are perfect, perfect nozzle check and perfect prints, the next day, the Vivid Magenta channel has completely disappeared - not a hint of colour!!

The printhead is about a month old and not clogged. When I carry out a basic clean, Vivid Magenta is clearly visible in the cap.

I replaced the 3 ribbon cables from the head to the junction board underneath the front cover - still nothing. Then I disconnected the 3 ribbon cables from the junction board the other side - these run to the motherboard. I accidentally replaced them and one didn't go in properly - folded over at one side! I only discovered this after I'd switch the printer back on. I then switched off and corrected the insertion of the cables. Strangely, everything worked and Vivid Magenta and all colours fully back :)

Been using the printer for a couple of weeks = perfect. Switch off overnight (wet capping), next morning Vivid Magenta completely disappeared again! No blockage, cables checked, nothing. All other channels work perfectly.

Can anyone suggest how I might fix this - as we say here 'it's doing my head in' :)


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