Epson 7900

Jul 14, 2012
Hi all,

I have an Epson 7900 I use for giclee printing. Last night while printing, the print monitor crashed and the file I had queued to the 7900 did not print. I sent it again... the file shows in the 7900 status window with a status of "sending data to printer". Then disappears. and the status goes back to "printer ready". Nothing ever prints!

The printer WILL however print the nozzle check grid with no problem. I can also print the same file to my Epson 1400 with no problem. This is obviously not a hardware issue. Communication between Acrobat and the 7900 is not happening correctly. All drivers and firmware are up to date. Epson support isn't open til Monday and I need to print today!

Any thoughts?

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