Purple BnW Prints on our Epson 7900 :(

Oct 6, 2017
Hello everybody this is my first time here. We never have any issues with this printer until a few days ago at our studio when we started noticing that some prints were turning a bit purple and now is quite visible. We are working with Mac 10.12.6 and mostly print black and white images.

Things we checked or tried:

1. The ink is good and filled up.
2. Nozzle check keeps coming out perfect.
3. Try 3 different types of 24" roll papers, Canson, Epson and Hanemuhle.
4. Called Epson and and were told to delete and download a new driver.
5. Printed using Photoshop (photoshop manages colors) and LR and still purple.
6. We are using the right icc.
7. We print regularly and never had any clogged nozzles.
8. we tried printing using Photoshop managers colors on PS, we also printed it on grayscale and RGB mode and finally we printed on preview.

Nothing but purple and we don't know why neither does Epson :(

Any help or tips is welcome.

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