Epson 9600, Odd Problem with Photoshop

Mar 16, 2018
Hello, and thank you for the time.

I am running an old Epson 9600 Stylus Pro, mainly printing on 13x19 sheet paper from photoshop and experiencing no issues.

Then the weird part.

I load a 44 in x 50 ft roll of Canson Baryta paper, run a nozzle check and every thing looked good from my test print. I go to print a 30x36inch image from photoshop, the print head moves left to right, but no ink is laid down.

I try to print this same image from Mac Preview, and it prints just fine but I am not able to get the correct color profile even though the ICC is installed in the ColorSync folder.

It’s unusual as Canson sheet paper in with Photoshop managing color is just excellent, but it will not read the Larger image file via Photoshop.

Does anyone have any idea of this issue?

Or should I switch to an epson paper where the printer can manage the color and be able to utilize the larger size again.

Thank you

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