Epson 9890: sudden color cast problem

Sep 25, 2018
Hi all,

Thanks for taking the time to read, I tried to keep it short:

Since last week my Epson 9890 gives me the wrong colours ( magenta/reddish cast) and all attempts to fix this or determine the cause have failed so far.

So I am hoping someone can recognize this and help me.

printer: Epson Stylus Pro 9890, bought 2nd hand about 2 years ago
PC1: Win7 self build, with printer installed
PC2: Win10 self build, printer was not installed here
colourtest: I make little 5.7x5.7 colour test before every print. Hence I am easily able to take a colour test from 1.5 week ago, which was fine at that point.
media used: this week: Bonjet atelier for photo paper, Epson for canvas
All printing is done from Photoshop CS6

Facts and tests:
(I have numbered them so they can easily be referenced in answers)
1 The colour changed basically over night: on Wednesday 12th no problems, until Friday I only did black&white (b/w) and Friday 14th the colour cast was there.
2 B/w printing is done with Epson advanced b/w, colours determined by printer.
3 colour printing is done with colours determined by photoshop, with official Bonjet colour profile.
4 No hardware changes were made.
5 Same printer cable.
6 No software has been installed in that week.
7 ICC profile files have not changed.
8 Bonjet did not update its profiles this year.
9 Nozzle checks are good, there are no missing or defelecting nozzles.
10 Monitor calibration (Datacolour spyder5) has not been updated that week.
11 Installing the printer on PC2, printing the same colourtest with the same icc and settings, on the same media with the same cable gave an identical colour cast.
12 Normal cleaning & Power cleaning did not solve things.
13 Taking a colour image, turning it into b/w, printing it as colour with colour profile: a colour cast is present
14 printing preferences in the control panel/printers does not show anything weird
15 printing the same image from indesign gives the same colour cast.

Can anyone suggest anything that might solve this colour cast problem or point me in a direction where to look / test next?


Dec 7, 2016
Try printing photo from Windows Photo Gallery.
Just click photo.
Photo opens in Win Photo Gallery
Click Print at top of screen
Select printer -> Paper Size -> Quality (Best Photo)
Select number photos for paper size selected (See right side of GUI)
See if you are getting same color cast. Could be Photo Shop.

Do you use Epson Ink? How old is ink?

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