Epson DX7450 emptying cartridges

Feb 27, 2012
Hi All,
Had a go at bringing this printer back to life that was lying in my workshop for a long time. I knew that the print nozzles would be blocked and there was a chance that I would never be able to clear them. However all seemed good as I soaked the heads in some windex / water solution and fitted re fillablle cartridges from city ink express, ran a nozzle check and all was fine. Next day checked nozzles again and some appeared blocked. Cleared again and all ok, until the next day. I seemed to be going around in a loop when I notice that there was no ink in the refills. I then filled all to about 20% and left in the 'replace cartridge' position for a day or two. When I checked once again all were empty. Is the print head completely shot or am I missing something. I dont understand how a inkjet printer head operates. Is the ink injected etc. If so, some sort of 'valve' is stuck in the open position because the ink is disappearing without any printing taking place. Or is this happening because I am leaving the print head in the 'replace cartridge position' and not the 'far right home' position.

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