Epson EcoTank ET-8550, terrible results!

Jul 9, 2022

I just got myself this printer, and the setup went without any problems. Even test prints on regular A4 paper was good, but when I went to print out the first photo test......this is what came out :-/ And now if I try to print normal text on regular paper, there are black streaks and dots on the print.

I dont know what can be wrong? Please help!

Jan 1, 2023
I'm guessing you forgot to set the paper type and the printer was laying down enough ink for plain paper on photo paper, which needs much less.

Because it used way too much ink, it's probably smeared under the print head, thus leaving streaks on any paper now. If you haven't already, carefully clean excess ink out and take care to always set the paper type before printing.

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