Epson ET-2750 Duplex paper jam fault

Jan 4, 2020
Hi All.

I've got an ET-2750 which has an odd fault. When you try to print duplex it prints the first side fine, feeds the paper back through the duplex unit then reports a paperjam fault. Open the lid and the leading edge of the paper has appeared inside the printer, and pressing the button to continue ejects it from the front of the printer as usual. Basically it looks fine.

I can't physically see anything causing this - I've looked carefully but not taken the printer apart yet. However we do have a cat which is fascinated by the printer and tries to grab the paper if she gets into the room and i've cleared a good number of jams in the past.

I'm wondering if there is a separate sensor for the duplex feed, and if anybody knows how the printer comes apart or has a manual or video on it, or even if somethings got worn/twisted enough to trip it. Any help very gratefully received, thank you for reading this.

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