Epson ET-2750

Dec 6, 2020
Hi There,

I have an Epson EcoTank 2750 printer. I haven't used it as much in the past few months since lockdown in the UK started in March. When I first turned it on and printed something out none of the colours were showing it was a completely blank page. After going into the maintenance tab and clicking on thethe check and cleaning options I have all the colours back apart from Magenta but if I print something out like a Word Document with just letters no pictures its really not focused.

I have contacted Epson and there Level 1 support is useless they haven't replied, its really frustrating..

Kind Regards,
Nov 21, 2020
Youtube is replete with videos on how to partially disassemble, clear any clogs and then reassemble your ink feed system so that's where I'd look.

A passive head clean may well work though if you'd like to try that as a first step:
Passive head cleaning

Best of luck...

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