Epson ET-2850 incorrectly using colors to make black

Oct 23, 2022
I've had an Epson ET-2850 for about 4-5 months with no issues. Yesterday I went to print a label with a lot of black in it, and when it printed I could tell it was not quite black, but a mix of colors to make it dark. It was also incredibly wet, I'm assuming because it had to use a lot of ink to do this. I then printed some text and it also came out light. My black ink is at least 75% full, I can see it move around when I move the printer. I have looked into the printer settings, and there is a setting to do this, but it was not checked. It also says this setting only applies to plan standard paper prints. I was printing to high quality photo paper. I've run all of the maintenance commands for cleaning and still no change. Any suggestions to fix this?

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