EPSON ET-7750 A3

Jul 28, 2020
EPSON ET-7750. I bought this printer in Dec 2019 to replace the Epson R1400 A3 printer id had for about 12 years and very reliable until the end. But I have a few problems and I will post separately about them. I bought it because it will take 300gsm paper that I generally used to make cards. PLUS Curry’s replace my old printer through the insurance and totally covered the cost …. Whoopee Early Christmas present to me.

Problem 1. Printed two A4 photos and discovered Roller Lines on both of them Printed in Greyscale on 260gsm Photo Glossy paper.

I have gone through every possible setting to find out why the printer is doing this but I cannot find the Platen settings, however, there is a checkbox against Thick Paper and Envelopes, somewhere in the properties, but don’t ask how I got to this set of properties, no other mention of the Platen.

Also the edges of the card where stained Black with ink marks too. That may have been solved with the above-mentioned checkbox.

I've been printing photos and cards for years and was The Photographic editor of a local history and family history book.

Would appreciate any suggestions please.

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