EPSON ET-7750 Printer Settings don't agree ... but they do!

Jul 28, 2020

I’m working on a few photos for relatives, which is fine I know what I am doing. I set up the printer with the correct paper settings in each of the trays. The output tray is out and the paper the right way around.

I have also set the print properties on the laptop in my Corel Paintshop PRO 2020 ultimate software and printer SO, all in all both Corel and Epson ET-7750 is a perfect match.

Now the problem is, virtually after every photo I am ready to print with the correct settings I get an error message telling me they do not match. I go to the printer and have to confirm this as the setting on the printer is already correct, then once that annoying procedure is done, it prints.

There is absolutely no need for me to keep on confirming this procedure when I know all the settings are correct. To be honest it is wasting so much of my time faffing around and really causing my blood pressure to go high as its stressing me out. I know, calm down and have a cuppa which I do. But seriously I have been faffing around since 10am and its now 13.42pm.

Would appreciate any suggestions, please.


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