Epson Inkjet Print Quality lp -o Option syntax

Jul 7, 2024
My Epson ET-7750 doesn't like sitting for a few days and not printing something and it causes me to have to do a head cleaning. To get around this I wrote a Mac Terminal Script to print an ink purge image that prints all the color. This use to work before I upgraded to Sonoma but now no matter what I put in the script, it won't print in photo quality. It seems that i haven't hit on the correct syntax for the print quality option in the script.
Here's what I have that does print the doc, but in fast mode. Does anyone have an idea on what the correct syntax is?

What CUPS says: EPIJ_Qual/Print Quality: 301 302 303 308 304 *305 307 (doesn't work)

What prints but not in high quality:

lp -o media=lower -o landscape -o print-quality=307 -d EPSON_ET-7750_Series ~/Documents/PrinterTestFiles/"Epson ET-7750"/ET7750PRINTPURGE.jpg

I appreciate your time and any assistance you can provide to point me in the right direction!


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