Epson l3150 ink type

Dec 9, 2020
Hi everyone,

Can anyone tell me if the inks for the epson l3150 are all pigment or dye. I can't find any information about it.

Thank you.


Jul 11, 2020
The reason it's hard to find information is that they are dye-based and Epson doesn't like to advertise that fact because most people are looking for pigment nowadays. Almost all the Epson Eco Tank printers are dye. Even the ET-16500 is dye ink, even though it is identical to the WF-7620 (including using the same print head) which uses Durabrite pigment cartridges.

No one outside Epson knows for sure why, or if they do I've never heard any authorative source say. My speculation is for head longevity. Pigment inks tend to be more prone to clogging because, of course, pigments are solid particles in a suspension. This may be especially a problem with Eco Tank printers, where you can have ink sitting in them for a year or more and the pigment particles in, say, black ink which are heavier, can settle. Imagine the pigment settling in an Eco Tank printer and gumming up the print head's micro pores. Epson's piezeo print heads are far more resistant to clogging than thermal bubble jets are, but there is a limit and when they charge a fortune for an eco-tank printer, they don't want the bad press of heads clogging.

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