Epson MFC Error AF00 when scanning (Scan Unable AF) can't find home

May 9, 2022
I've got a MFC-L8610CDW which fails to scan. The first side CIS unit seems to scan the document, but when returning to home never stops. It makes a big racket as the belt jumps teeth, then fails with Scan Unable AF and asks for a power cycle.

I took it apart and re-seated the first side CIS cable at both ends then re-assembled. The first (B&W) copy worked, but had a big 3" wide black band. The second (color) was dim in the area where the black band was. The third failed as previous with a failure to stop when returning to home position.

There aren't any limit switches, so I suspect is uses the CIS unit to detect home position. A failure probably means a failed CIS cable or scanning unit.

Are there any additional tests I can do? Where can I purchase a new first side CIS unit?


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