Epson P900 Frequent Nozzle Clog

Dec 29, 2021
Have any other Epson P900 users run into this frequent nozzle clog issue.

After 2 months use:

I run a nozzle check daily, and print on fine art paper every other day, and photo paper sometimes to use photo black ink. Then, every week or less, I find a single gap in one of the nozzle lines—not on the same color. This happens if I leave the printer on for a few days, or turn it off at night.

A single print head clean does unclog the gap, but wastes much ink.

The Epson tech told me that such clogs are normal when the printer is idle for a time, and that idle also means not using it overnight. That didn’t sound correct to me. The tech also said dry humidity and cold temperature can also clog a nozzle. Never had such issues with my Epson 3800 that still prints fine after 13 years.

Apparently, running a nozzle check each day does not keep the nozzles from clogging—and the P900 was touted as having an advance printhead not prone to clogging.

The manual reads: cleaning uses ink, so clean the nozzles only if print quality declines. So far, print quality is good, despite these single gap clogs.

Question: If I leave a clogged nozzle until more clogs show up, does this mean it will be more difficult to unclog through the print head clean feature, wasting more and more ink?

Thanks for reading.

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