Pizza wheel marks on new Epson P900

Sep 29, 2021
Hello, I have a brand new Epson P900 printer but I am still having these marks which are most obvious when printing black.

I saw the video about cleaning the paper feed wheels. But as the printer is brand new could it be that I am using the incorrect print settings? I am using Somerset velvet fine art paper.

Do you know what the correct print setting should be? I print from Adobe illustrator, not photoshop. Thanks so much.


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Oct 22, 2021
Hello Kay,
I have exactly the same problem with my P600. There is no easy solution, and I am still investigating the issue, so my comments are somewhat speculative. I have tried the Marrutt cleaning solution as shown in the video. It made no difference at all. The problem appears to be the medium i.e. type of paper. My experience is that Epson will not help unless it shows up on their own branded paper. The Somerset is an Epson paper, so Epson should be able to give you an answer. I think it has something to do with the time it takes for the ink to dry as the paper progresses through the machine. We get the “pizza wheel” marks when the drive wheels touch the paper when the ink is still wet so that the drive wheels in effect remove the ink and leave these little spots. My experience is that it is more likely to happen with PK ink than MK. Dry time will vary depending on the type of paper, so perhaps printer settings which use less ink and/or slow the speed of paper as it moves through the printer might help. My printer is out of action for a completely different reason, so I’m unable to test these ideas for now but hope to do so soon. In the absence of a definitive solution, it’s a matter of avoiding paper types which produce the problem. Infuriating I know.

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