Epson P900 paper feed and printing problem

Nov 18, 2021
I'm having a new intermittent problem. Printing on 66 lb Satin paper a print will seem to load normally, but then after a couple of passes there's a much louder than normal "thunk" sound timed exactly with each advance of the sheet. When the print finishes, it looks OK except that the image has been compressed to 9-7/8 inches wide instead of 10. There's no cropping of the details at either end, but the trailing edge border is about 1/8 inch too wide. Also the feeder tray mechanism fails to return forward to the rest position, so the feeler arm doesn't sense when I feed the next sheet—the control panel doesn't wake up and ask for media confirmation. If I send a file anyway, it prints OK with the normal quieter head stroke / paper advance sound, and a normal print with the correct 10 inch image width. This has happened four or five times over the past several days while making 20+ letter size prints.
2014 MacBook Pro, Big Sur 11.6.1, printing out of Photoshop 23.0.1

Carl Weese

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