Epson Stylus Pro 7800 colour issues

Nov 16, 2021

during the lockdown, the Epson Pro 7800 didn't get much use so when we started sending work to it, it was no surprise we had some banding and colour issues.

However, I have done numerous powerful cleans on it and just can't get it to print the colours properly.

All colours seem to be affected but mainly Black and Cyan. I did a full-width test sheet if a solid 100% colour goes to 10% colour of CMYK and Registration black. The Black looks particularly red for some reason and Cyan fades to a grey colour.

All colours are in their correct slots and are genuine Epson inks.

The NOZZLE CHECK print looks really weird. At some points it goes smeary. I'd almost say the head starts in alignment then goes out?

Has anyone seen anything like this or have a suggestion because I'm stumped!

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