epson r200. was printing this morning. now prints NOTHING with all-new ink

Jan 26, 2011
hey all. this is my first time posting here and I'm in an emergency situation. i have a HUGE job due tomorrow morning and it is going to be impossible to complete unless my printer plays ball. ANY help is MUCH appreciated.

printer was fine, as always, just a little faint this morning. a few of the cartridges were low, and i knew i had a big job today, so spent $100 on all-new cartridges. with each one i installed, print quality got worse and worse until now - i hit print and NOTHING is on that piece of paper when it comes out. Done the nozzle clean several times. pulled the cartridges out, put em back in. Ink Levels chart shows all cartridges on full ink. Only button currently lit on the printer is the power button - steady green.

this printer has never ever given me a problem. Recently started using the CD print tray, which is a huge part of tonight's job. Just got off the phone with Epson, who were zero help. Heard it might have something to do with cleaning the connectors with lint-free cloth and window cleaner, which i just bought and am about to give that a whirl. but i don't feel like that's going to help. it's not like the printer prints faint, it prints NOTHING. zip. the print head whizzes around as usual and makes all the normal sounds on the paper, but that piece of paper has not a pixel of ink on it when it comes out.


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