Epson R2880 & R2000

Jul 8, 2014
I recently bought out a photography studio that went out of business.
Among the items is 1 Epson R2880 and 3 Epson R2000 printers, all still in the box, with flap tape holding things down. They are all brand new.

Crazy thing....all are missing the print heads.
After poking through eBay, it seems that this isn't a rare occurrence.

What in the world do people do with print heads?
Are they so expensive that it's more cost effective to just buy new printers and discard everything BUT the heads??

Totally baffled.
Feb 13, 2021
BUMP...I have seen this as well when looking for a used R2000. There was a post on google search that had Chinese heads at $200 each or 3 for $300? I found new head for $444 somewhere in Arizona?
I wonder if the heads where out / clog and the unit is still newer so they swap out the heads and run the unit until it quits then buy new heads for the other units they had cannibalized earlier?

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