Epson Recovery Mode - (Solved)

Nov 4, 2023
My Epson printer was locked in Recovery Mode. The ROM was not writeable.
At I found my printer model and downloaded the specific firmware. I followed the first 6 steps in the online guide. At this point the firmware was installed and the printer turned off.
Now I only had to go through the normal Epson firmware update procedure using their firmware updater program.
The printer was back to normal.
Nov 30, 2023
Great to hear you successfully resolved the Recovery Mode issue on your Epson printer! Your detailed steps are incredibly helpful for anyone facing a similar problem. It's also worth noting that regularly checking for firmware updates directly from Epson's website can prevent such issues.

Additionally, for those less tech-savvy, it might be beneficial to consult a professional to avoid potential mishaps during the firmware update process. Your experience is a valuable reminder of the importance of following manufacturer guidelines and being cautious with third-party sites. Thanks for sharing!

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