Epson shutting down printers via updates

Jan 23, 2012
Epson has started shutting down printers VIA internet auto updates . New update checks ink supply and if not OEM (error out ink )
They hit 2 of my workforce 1100s within minutes of each other , two different computers , Two different 1100s . I called tech support and after sending them proof of the update , the times and the outcome and about a 30 minute fight . They are sending me 2 brand new printers free of charge. The tried to say not OEM ink no tech suppot . I return with
after I buy the machine what ink i use is up to me. I understand voids warrente but to delibertly , shut the printer down was ilegal .

So after the tech leaving the phone 3 times to talk to supervisor , I,m getting 2 new Printers .
Be Careful all , Not all People would do what I did to right a wrong and thats what they are counting on.

If your useing none OEM ink be sure to turn off Epson auto updates . The only fix I know would be to get to the battery and pull it out for 24 hours but who knows how to do this? I sure don't and they would rather send me 2 new printers , Then to tell me how to reset the chip.
Good Luck
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Aug 6, 2011
Thanks for the warning. I suppose it's ok as long as they replace the printers but the customer shouldn't have to spend ages on the phone to get the printer replaced.
Jan 30, 2012
Yea and get this. They made an update so you can't scan Banknotes! (Money) I don't feel like I have privacy when ever I use my nx430 epson stylus printer. I should have never updated! I feel like big brother is watching me. UGHH. RAGE. DON'T UPDATE PEOPLE!

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