Epson Sure Color P800 Urgent Help thank you

Nov 6, 2020
I have an Epson Sure Color P800 and it had a printer jam a couple of days ago and it started printed with ink dots. I have done a full head clean, pump cap and nozzle clean and have been running the alignment issues. there appears to be black getting into the yellow maybe I don't know. Any help much appreciated. Its like one step forward and two back at the moment. please see attached file. Many thanks Samantha


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Nov 21, 2020
Recommend you post on DPReview forums in the Printing and Hardware forum specifically. There's a lot more P800 owners on there and they'll likely recognise the issue and be able to suggest a fix.

Looks like there's been some ink soiling on the underside of the printhead though and it may well clear up over time but I'm only guessing on this one.

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