Epson SX445W won't connect to WLAN

Feb 23, 2023
I have an Epson SX445W which is 12 years old. It was bought in the UK but is installed in Switzerland. I recently changed my Wifi router to a Swisscom Internet 4 box and the printer will not connect to the WLAN. The diagnostic printout says the MAC Address Filtering Check has failed. It also says the wifi signal is low which I find hard to believe as the printer and router are in line of sight over about 3 metres (9 feet). Swiscom did some diagnostics online and say there is nothing in my router settings which would block printer access. In particular, they checked IPv6 settings and said these are all OK. I also set the Firewall to wide-open on the router but with no effect.

Can anyone make any suggestions?

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