Epson SX535WD and Chromebook - so close yet so far away

Oct 31, 2020
Hi all

I've always been able to print without issues via google cloud print but this service is being shut down end of this year

So I removed it from cloudprint to see if I could connect to it 'normally' from my chromebook

My printer gets detected (I added "autodetected" to the name) and there's a green indicator next to it
Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 12.42.59.png

When I check the settings I have:
address: epson.local:631
protocol: IPP
print queue: Epson_IPP_Printer
uri: ipp://epson.local:631/Epson_IPP_Printer

Screenshot 2020-10-31 at 12.49.23.png

However when I try to print something the printer actually mentions "printing" on the screen but nothing happens

Any ideas?



Oct 31, 2020
ok for anyone stumbling on this desperatly trying to get their wireless printing back up and running:
found a fix on chrome web store: "WiFi printer driver for Chromebooks" by

install the app, open it to see if your printer is supported (mine was) and press ctrl+p and select the printername the app shows you

it's that easy!

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