Epson V850 - Flashing Green Light, unrecognized USB connection

Mar 18, 2021
My Epson V850 stopped functioning two weeks after purchase, back in January. The scanner turns on and my computer acknowledges that a USB device has connected; however, it does not recognize the device and the scanner is stuck permanently initializing. The only way to turn the printer off is by unplugging it from a power supply.

I've reinstalled all the USB drivers on my main computer, reinstalled Epson software, tried multiple USB ports, different USB A-B cables, and repeated this process on four different OS's (Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS) to no avail. Amazon's return policy is long expired, and Epson Tech Support is slow and archaic. On top of all this, I cannot easily ship it to Epson or a repair shop because the box it shipped in was recycled.

This scanner has frustrated me for two months, if anyone has advice let me know.


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