Epson Photo Stylus R2000

Mar 17, 2021
My printer has been sitting for awhile, so I have spent the last couple days cleaning the machine, it's heads, and so forth. It seemed as it had a clogged red, so I went ahead (after cleaning the heads via utility settings several times with no luck) and get head cleaner and manually took the cartridges out, putt paper towel under the ink head, and manually cleaned each individual head as the instructions indicated. Today, in preparing to do a test print, I plug on the machine, turn it out, and after several seconds both the paper tray button and the low ink button go solid orange. I try pressing either button to see if it responds normally, but nothing happens. I've trying making sure the cartridges are fully engaged and there's paper in the tray. Nothing seems to work.

Any suggestions would be super helpful. Thanks!

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