Epson WF-2540 won't print

Nov 28, 2017
I posted on the general printer forum but see that very few of the queries have had any responses so will try here, too.

I have a 2nd hand Epson WF-2540, which according to the previous owner, worked fine. But when I hit either the print command on my computer or the copy button on the printer, the paper feeds but there's no ink. It sounds as though it's printing but it's not...the head moves back and forth, the paper feeds through but the paper is blank.

I have replaced all ink cartridges and have done the head and nozzle cleaning. I performed the head alignment and get just a tiny grid printed in blue on one corner of the paper. I understood I should expect the entire page to be covered.

I'm using the wireless connection and don't have a cable to try a direct connection, though I can't imagine it would make any difference, especially with the copy function.

The scan function works fine.

Any ideas???

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