Epson WF-2540 dead?


Jun 24, 2018
I have a WF-2540 that has been in use for several years. The other day I was running 'head cleaning' and in the middle of the sequence the printer went dead. Nada. The on/off button does nothing. No sign of life anywhere.

I was able to check the power supply and it is fine - putting out 42 volts as it is supposed to.

Is there a fuse or some other trigger that could cause the printer to become catatonic?

More to the point, can it be fixed??

TIA for any advice.
Sep 10, 2013
check the FFC cable going into your panel unit board from the main board, if there is lose connection or ends of the cable is worn you wont get power to turn on the printer.. I am not sure but there is one or two fuse locations
on the main board fuse 1. and fuse 2.

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