Epson WF-3640 - Colour Bands Across Text

Jan 9, 2021

My Epson WF-3640 has started to occasionally have coloured bands across pages wherever there is text. Each is about 1/2" wide and are either all yellow, or cyan or magenta.
Epson Nozzle Check.jpg

I've tried installing brand new, genuine Epson cartridges, and running three cleaning cycles. Sometimes it produces a few (up to about 10) proper, clear pages, then the coloured bands return.This happens either printing from computer, or copying a printed page from the scanner, so I'm assuming it is NOT a computer driver issue.
Epson support advises "...t appears that the printer is having a hardware issue and your printer will require service." Unfortunately, like many things these days, it will end up costing me more to ship/repair than to go out and buy a new printer. (Pity as I just bought the new set of inks).
Any suggestions? Thanks.

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