Epson WF-4630 Maintenance Box replacement needed: Work around?

Feb 5, 2017
Copy jobs stop after 1-2 pages and I get that deaded 097 error message. I am pretty sure I need to replace the maintenance box. But, I need to make manycpires and print many pages today! I have not found a new box to purchase in stock in this area. I ordered one online but it will not be delivered for 5+ days. So, I'm trying to make it work temporarily however I can. I decided that the switch contacts on the outside side surface of the box are not making contact with the contacts on the interior side of the box. That little switch should activate when the box is installed. I put a thin metal plate under the box to elevate it and cause the switch contacts to line up. (actually a putty knife blade - go ahead and laugh, I did) It worked! for a while, but the box is not recognized again and all shuts down. Any thoughts? Is the level of the box, and consequently the position of the the contacts on the box, governed by the weight of waste oil in the box? If so, maybe i should empty the waste ink. I suppose there will still be some gunk in the bottom of the box but the box t will be closer to the weight of a new box. Or, is it something else?
Thanks for your consideration.

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