Epson Workforce 1100 Cartridge Not Recognized

Mar 10, 2017
Epson workforce 1100 printer not recognizing cartridges

Excuse the long text, just wanted to be through.

I recently had an issue with shitty print quality after running the head cleaning command a few times I decided to disassemble and clean the print head. I used [this video](
), and later the Epson factory service manual (pm for link) to disassemble, only issue was I dropped a screw and broke a hinge on the top door (no biggie).

Cleaned the old dried ink with q-tips and ISO alcohol, that was definitely the problem with print quality.

Reassembled everything. At first I was having an issue with the cartridge being locked/not unlocking (as I found later there's a carriage lock, keep reading) and getting a really bad gear grinding sound and a general error. Kill power try again same thing.

Find and read the manual, see there's a manual cartridge lock disengage, take the shroud off, find it, unlock the carriage manually. Start it up, everythings fine except the general error.

Thinking maybe I didn't seat a ribbon cable well enough or something, I disassembled everything again, found a tiny bit of schmoo on a ribbon cable to the PCB board on the side of carriage and put everything back together snugly.

Start her up, everything's looking great, no general error but a no recognized ink error. These are the same (albeit not OEM Epson) cartridges I was using previously that worked fine, just not best quality bc of the dried ink on the head (dried bc I don't use it all that often.

Things I've tried to solve this:

- Remove ink cartridges using built in function, shut it down, unplug, hit the power to discharge any residual power, wait a while (1 hr plus), plug it in, start it up and add cartridges again. Same error.
- try using some old empty Epson cartridges I had (only CMY) it reads those fine while saying the black was empty. Add in old nonOEM black with the empty good epson, get a cant ready any error.
- try same old empty Epson but with new non OEM blacks, same error.
- try both of those in combo of starting up empty and adding or, running a change out program, nada
- Tried removing the printer and adding back it to control panel, nope.

Only thing I can think of is to find some old Epson 68/69 black from a recycler, and have those along with my current CMY to maybe "reset" the system.

Extra Details:

-none of the gold pines on the carriage are bent, broken or damaged in any visible manner.
-happens regardless of if my computer is plugged in or not.
-just tried using the computer ink replace system rather then the hardware/firmware button type, no difference.
-Also I get a notice of "ink cartridges cant be recognized" for all of them even then 3 are Epson OEM and 2 are not, though if only the 3 Epson oem are installed I get just a "ink cartridges cant be recognized"

Help? Any suggestions? Let me know if theres anything I can answer to help diagnose.

TLDR: printer was printing kinda shitty, cleaned head manually, assembled, disassembled, reassembled now won't recognize non-oem that was working fine before.

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