Epson Workforce WF-3620 Error code 0x9A (After cleaning the printerhead and changing cartridges)

Jun 23, 2021
I have this printer that has been sitting still for 3 years and when I tried using it again it said that it can't recognize the Cyan but I read online that it could also be caused why clogged up nozzles, it actually also said it in the screen sometimes! So I ordered a cleaning kit and also new cartridges (B, C, M & Y).
Cleaned the printer head so well, installed the new cartridges and now it gives me the error code 0x9A. I've waited over a week, thought it may need a while to dry but still it's showing that error code. Some say the printerhead needs more cleaning but I can't even move it to try and clean it. Help, please?

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