Epson WP-4535 started reporting paper size errors and printing gaps on page


Sep 20, 2016
My Epson WP-4535 is 4 years old and printed 10287. Two problems started at the same time so I guess they have the same cause.
1. When printing duplex the printer ejects the first side and displays "Incorrect-sized paper ejected. Load correct paper size and press [B&W] or [Colour]." But the paper size is correct - in fact the problem started half way through a load in the tray. The problem happens when I try to copy 2 sided from the ADF - so it is something internal to the WP-4535.
2. When printing every 25mm the printer leaves a 0.25mm horizontal space. See attached scan of sample print. Note the gaps in the diagonal pattern - the printer hasn't failed to print, it has shifted the paper slightly. See also the 5th to last row of text - it is as if the paper has been cut and a gap inserted.
I've spoken to Epson support. They've talked me through nozzle check, head cleaning etc - but I recon it is a paper feed problem. Epson say the only thing they can now do is send the printer to them. They will charge £130. The printer only cost £140 new. Has anyone got any suggestions? Thank you.


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