Epson XP-4105 not printing black colour

Aug 30, 2020
Hello together,

I'm new here. Problems with my 3 week old XP-4105 brought me here.

About a week ago the black 603 setup cartridge was considered empty. Then I got a complete cartridge package from Amazon (Cartridgeify 603XL printer cartridges compatible with Epson 603 XL ink cartridges). First (approx. 2 - 3 pages) the Epson printer printed in black, but only very poorly and illegibly. After that, black printing was no longer possible.

I returned the Amazon cartridges. Installing an original black cartridge does not change my problem.

My wife urgently needs the printer, which is why we bought it. I think the guarantee has expired due to the third-party cartridges. At least that's what the printer said.

Can someone please help or has a few ideas what I can test / try?

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