Epson XP-630 CD printing


Jul 31, 2017
hello I've got a quick question and I hope that someone might have an answer or be able to help me find an answer. I need to print approximately 150 cd labels .....directly to white printable CD's. I need to have a rough idea on how many cds that I could print with Standard capacity ink cartridges. I have never estimated how many that I could print with my ink.

The image that will be printed will be lighter colours (not a dark print) maybe with some gold in it.

I know its a shot in the dark but can anyone shed some light for me?



Dec 7, 2016
There is no way to estimate ink consumption. How much text will there be? Will there be a background color?
Will you stop and start printer during the printing process? The more off-on functions, the more printer cleaning cycles there will be. Consequently the greater ink consumption for cleaning process. Good luck

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