Espon sc-T3170x defaulting to Paper Roll only

Jan 2, 2023

I am trying to use my T3170x printer to print transparencies for screen printing. I have so far fed these sheets manually and do not use the paper roll option. Currently it is only giving me the paper roll option when I print. It will not move forward in any other way until I load a paper roll (which I don't have). I am printing out of photoshop to a 13x19size premium glossy paper setting.

Error reads:
Roll paper is not loaded.
Load roll paper.
Print setting User-Defined: Premium Glossy Sheet

with on OK button that takes you to the directions to load the roll
or the Cancel Print button which does just that

I have tried disconnecting the printer, restarting it several times, adjusting the paper size in photoshop and on the printer, trying different paper weights, etc..It will not even try to grab the paper in the manual feed area like it usually does. Any guidance on this is appreciated.

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