Ethernet, wireless connection problems

Jul 22, 2015
This is for a business where we have multiple computers, laptops, printers, and networks.

We have an HP Color LaserJet M252dw printer. It was connected to a wireless network which I'll call A1. All devices that wanted to connect to the printer used wireless network A1.

I was able to get a desktop (running Windows 8), which uses ethernet, to communicate with the printer that's connected to wireless network A1 and print.

However, I recently had to change the printer and all other devices in the office to a different wireless network which I'll call B2.

Now, the desktop cannot detect the printer at all even though all other devices in the office can, and won't even load the software. I've tried to do it by downloading the drivers from the HP website AND by using the CD the printer came with. Every time, it says that there's a problem and cannot download the software.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled it multiple times while following all steps correctly. I've restarted the desktop. All software is up-to-date. But it STILL cannot detect the printer.
I think it has to do with the change of wireless networks.

I can't get the desktop (ethernet) to connect to wireless network B2, even though it could connect to A1. So I can't print from this desktop.
The desktop is too far away to connect it directly to the printer (and the printer is actually connected to a different desktop that it's close to).

Since the desktop was able to connect to / communicate with wireless network A1, can I change it to communicate with B2 so I can print?
Thank you!!


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