Fastest Wireless Printer - Recommendations?

Aug 14, 2018
Hello all! I have a unique use case that I am trying to solve for:

I have a web-based program that identifies a Hotel Guest from a list when they drive up to a security gate for a Hotel property. When the Guest is selected in the program using a mobile device, there is an email alert that gets sent out to the front desk employees at the main property that this specific Guest has arrived. However, I would also like to be able to have that email sent to a wireless printer at the security gate to print out and be used as a placard that would then be placed on the vehicle dashboard just before directing the Guest to drive up toward the property. This would have to be done quite quickly though to avoid any backups at the gate and to make it as brief a stop at the gate as possible for the Guest.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a wireless printer that receives a print request and completes the print job as quickly as possible? I am not sure with which printer manufacturer I should start. Any advice that can be provided would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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